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Cash Advance Loans Canada is the leading loan arranger that provides the necessary assistance to loan seekers in finding the apt monetary service. But before making the use of this website you are suggested to read this page of 'terms of use'. It tells about the terms and conditions related with the use of this site which you need to accept whether you access the site as a guest or registered user.

Please read the page carefully as your access to this site is considered as you acceptance of the terms and indicates you agree to abide by them. In case, you are not agreed to any of the following term then please refrain from using our website.

Information About Us

This website is operated by Cash Advance Loans Canada. We carry out the business of credit arranger which helps loan seekers to find the right lending option as per their need. We are not the lender and don't make the credit decision. We simply help people to get in contact with the lending firms that can provide the necessary service.

It is notable that we are not the party to any contract made between the lender and you. All the obligations of the contract are solely between both of you. We hold no responsibility for any problem raised due to the contract as you take the loan totally on your own risk.

We offer the free referral service to our users so they can find the suitable lending service. We get our fee from the lenders for referring the potential borrowers.

Accessing Our Site

Citizens of Canada is free to access our site anytime but it is notable we reserve the right to amend or withdraw out services without providing notice. We hold no liability, if our site is not available any time for any period. We might also restrict the access to some part of our site to both guest and registered users if you failed to comply any of the provisions of these terms of use.

Reliance On Information Provided

The material posted at our site is not intended to provide any advice on which you should reliance. We just provide the general information and representative examples of the service offered by the lenders available in our panel. We therefore disclaim all the liabilities and responsibilities arising from the reliance placed on such information by the website users.

We publish the content just for the reference basis and we hold no responsible for its accuracy or timeliness. Thus, you must the needed steps to verify the details of the loan deal offered by the lender before making the borrowing decision.

Our Liabilities

The material published on our site doesn't provide any guarantee or warranty about its accuracy. We are not at all liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage incurred by user due to connection of this website. You are using our site to take the needed service at your own risk.

Intellectual Property Rights

The content available at the site is protected by the copyright law and images, trademarks, etc. through other intellectual property rights. Thus, you are only allowed to get the copy of such parts of the website for your personal use only. Reproducing the material of the site for any commercial purpose is strictly prohibited.

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Our site might contain the links to other sites which are provided just for your information basis. We have no control of these links so access them carefully after checking their terms of use. We accost no responsibility for the damage or loss arises by the use of them.

Modification Right

We reserve the right to update our site regularly and might amend the content and the terms anytime. Thus you are expected to check the updates timely as you are bind by these terms.

Your Concerns

If you are concern about any material available on the site or need to file a complaint about anything, please contact us at info@cashadvanceloanscanada.ca

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